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Technical Education System in Gujarat


There are so many changes happened in last few years in Gujarat. Some are good and some are not. But I found one of the worst change comes in Gujarat is GTU. I don’t know that whether i am experienced enough to write on this issue or not but as of my experience with GTU i feel very sad about technical education system and thats why i found a need to write something on it. There are so many issues which i need to discuss like:

Syllabus: This is the biggest issue in GTU that they are preparing a syllabus of almost every subject in such a way that it cant be taught in one semester. even students them selves cant handle the subject in one semester. If only length is concern not an issue but they include advance topics to the syllabus but student does not have any idea of the core concept for that particular topic!!!!!

Practical Approach: GTU do not care about practicals. I feel that as an engineer you should have a practical knowledge but in GTU they don’t consider anything like practical. If you score good in theory by cramming or whatever you will defiantly get good grades!!!!!

Attendance: GTU thinks that if students came to college regularly then only they get good results. they take so much care of attendance of the students then their performance in exam. It is true that if student comes to college regularly they may get more knowledge but it only happens when come college to learn something not because of attendance!!!!

No of Colleges: More then enough colleges have already been affiliated under GTU and still more are affiliated day by day but then what? from where these colleges get students? State government will increase result of 12th to 100% and all the students who get passed in 12th will surely get admission in Engineering may be in any branch!!!! what the hell, is this any kind of joke??? no its bare truth that now a days there is no value of an Engineer only because of the strength of Engineers every year GTU going to produce. Just forget about BE but now GTU giving permission to ME in many colleges who dont even have enough faculty to run this kind of program!!!! I can predict that after 2 or 3 years there will be no value for ME too!!!!!

Result: Result of very very very poor. why? GTU trying their side best to get good result even colleges try to but the student who deserve to be failed in 12th get grassing marks in two subjects and get an admission in engineering college, how he can be fully passed in all the subjects of engineering specially when he is from gujarati medium. there are many colleges whose results are below 10% !!!! why? cant we do anything? yes GTU can they may warn colleges who get their result below average. even they can suspend the colleges who get below average results consecutively for 3 years. then it might possible that college try more and concentrate more on results.

There is Lot to say but i dont have much time right now.

Hope that this system may change and produce some good engineers!!!!!

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