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Practical Exam or a Comedy Circus!!!!!!


Now a days GTU Practical Examination for 8th Semester is going on. I found it very funny rather then a serious one. Students from SFIs know that they will get good marks whatever their performance is. External faculty just came to fulfill his duty and his TA/DA!!!! Even GTU is not serious about this!!!!

GTU sends a faculty as an external examiner who teaches something else in his college then the subject he is taking an exam. like, one of the faculty in my college teaches Graphics but he get an order for external examiner for 4 SOC and 1 ACN examination. now what type of questions he will ask we can understand.

GTU takes this practicals and all as a formalities. no one is interested in practicals now a days. in all colleges we found that more then 50% students remain absent in Laboratories and more 50% faculties doesn’t teach any of the practicals including me.

What GTU trying to produce? Real Engineers or the BE degree holders!!!!

I mean many of 8th Semester students doesn’t know how to write a C program!!!! when you will tell them what are you doing in labs they simply reply you that sir has never done any practicals. i accept sir haven’t taught you any practical but why you haven’t try to do some of your own. because you know that there is no importance of practical in GTU!!!!

This is really disgusting, GTU have all the data regarding who is teaching which subject in which college so i suggest they have to take this practical work and exams seriously to create a good engineers.

I hope someone someday will read this post and may change this system!!!!!

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