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Youth Mentality


In my discussion with one of my student i analyze youth mentality because it is very important in the development of the country. Because they are the one who should be nurtured well so that, they became a good citizen of this country.

He was telling me about the problems he faced during his college life. he was very frustrated due to some of the problems regarding college and hostel. he was saying that college makes him suffer a lot and when he left the college he will make college suffer by breaking something in it. like breaking a glass of cabins or something like that.

I make him understand that by doing this what will he get?

he simply replied satisfaction!!!!

I get shocked is this the way to get satisfaction? It may possible that someone else suggest him to do so but i can’t. I told him that this is not the way to get revenge. I said him the famous hindi quote that, “agar sab aankh ke badle aankh nikalne lage to pura zamana andha ho jayega!!!”. I said him that they have make an injustice with you and now you are going to do the same then what is the difference between you and them???

He fall into deep thinking, and asked me what should i do to take revenge against the college??

I suggested him that you open a new college and whatever injustice you faced during your college life, save others from it!!!

But people now a days never think in this way they always try to hurt someone for their hurt but this is not the right way. like in any government rally people try to burn bus and trains or other public services but by this way we cant stop injustice because we are the one who are making this country more and more poor. the bus or train we demolish is our own only it will be repaired by our money only then what is the point of doing all these???

If we really want to show something to someone then we have to directly go to his level and then we can show them otherwise its useless. like if we have any problem with any statement of PM then we have to go to PM’s bungalow and try to put our point their instead we show our oppose by burning the trains and buses which our own only!!!!

My message to youth is that please use your brain in positive way never be a weapon of anyone who wants to play with you.


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  1. great article written , love the way you write them


    • Thanks for your comments.


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