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Politics on Reservation again!!!!


I don’t understand why politics on reservation comes every year with new face.

this time Mayavati wants reservation in promotion. now whats left for the people of general category?

why reservation always affected on cast bases?

We have already watched movie on reservation named “Aarakshan” in which “saif ali khan” speak dialog that people from backward class has so many problems then upper class people. okay we accept it but only reservation is not the solution. government should think about scholarship or any thing else but not the reservation. now let us think that one person from upper class gets 70% in medical examination but due to reservation he doesn’t get admission but one person from backward class got the admission instead of only 40%, now think who can become a good doctor?

politicians are just using the policy of Britisher’s “Divide and rule“. they are dividing us based in casts and sub castes have their ruling continues. but we need to think deeply on this topic because if we really want india to become a super power we have to remove this handicap policy of reservation.

If government really want to make backward class progress, they may provide them free education or even give them lot of scholarship for further study but when it comes to competitive examinations all are same either they are from upper class or from lower class, from majority or from minority. please don’t make our nation and its people handicap by implementing reservation in all the stage, sector, and regions.

whatever category we come from, we should think about this at least once as unbiased personality that is this fair to every Indian?

we are Indian and it comes above all the categories.

Please comment……..

Jai Bharat



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