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It’s a good movie little different than other Bollywood movie.

main punch i found of the movie was over ambitiousness of Indians. that’s why all the people take our advantage with the help of “divide and rule“. this policy was very well applied by Britisher on us(Indians) because we never had united for any cause we are very self centric people, we never think beyond ourselves. for e.g. if anything unfair happened around us and media take a note of it we came out of home show our anger but after few days we forget everything and go back to our work or sometimes if any issues get too heated some of the vise person from politics or high-class raise other useless but dividing issues at that time so everyone forgets the main issues and diverted to the issues raised of cast or some group of people. but why? can’t we complete one fight and then start other? no we are used to fight on all the front and then lose from all. that’s why “divide and rule” always work on us.

I give 3.5/5 to this movie.

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