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English Vinglish


it’s really a good movie specially for all those who leaves with typical Indian family values.

in this movie they tried to show that learning an English is not at all a big deal. but more interesting and important point i found from this movie is that, how badly Indian husbands and all other family members treats a typical Indian house wife in the family. its true for almost all house wives, so first we need to change our vision then the world will be more beautiful place then whatever we have imagined. we always consider that house wives are those woman who failed in all the other areas of life that’s why they are in home and doing typical household works. but that’s not true and if we are considering that work of no values then we need to try to do it for a day and then we can find that how much work a house wife is doing in a day and still try to make everyone happy by synchronizing with everyone’s different tunes!!!!

value all the house wife because without them no house can become home. and there is a slight difference between house and home house is a construction made of bricks and cement for living of a human being but when more than one human being are living in this type of house with all happiness and love is call home.

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