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Master (માસ્તર) Mentality


As a Master (માસ્તર), i found that or say i realized that our community is as hated as police, politicians, and other people like them. therefore, i tried to find out the reason for this and unfortunately i found so many of them, then i realize that whatever people are saying about us or behaving with us is very much of deserved by us because we never do our real duties which we need to do and that’s making (producing) a good citizens of this country. some wants to do their duties but due to many circumstances they are not able to do it. but many of us don’t want to do it, we believe that we need to work for money only and do anything to get as much money as we can. that should not be our motto as we have lot more responsibility in deciding the future of any country. i have read at so many places that education is very much important in any country’s development but mind well, here i am not talking about degree education which now a days very popular in India (Specially in Gujarat). People can get whatever degree they want if they have money to pay the fees and donation. education can’t be sell or buy you have to earn it. no one can teach you anything if you don’t want to and no one can stop you to learn anything if you wish to learn that think and we have a very good example of Ekalavya in our history. we need to learn so many things from past so that we can find that why we were so much developed in past.

We as Master need to understand our responsibilities and act as per it because whatever we are going to teach our students they will behave the same way in future. We need to teach students to be honest, to speak truth in whatever situation it is. everyone makes mistakes but we need to accept it and move forward and take lesson from it so we never do it again.

But to do all this first we need to change our self. i heard from many people who now a days management doesn’t care about faculties they treat them as slaves but i want to tell them who made management think like that? they don’t know how to run education institute, they need someone who can guide them to run education institution and that someone is always from our community but as soon as that someone gets some higher post he/she forgets that he was from master’s community only and starts behaving like master of all masters. this is not the real problem, the real problem comes when other masters under that someone treats themselves as slave and thinks that if can never be a master so we have to stay slave to survive which is not true.

let me give you real-time example of master mentality, now a days practical examination of BE final year and ME is going on. what masters are doing they are cheating GTU by making false TA bills (by getting car fare while traveling in bus, or staying in the same city for more days but take TA of up-down, etc…) what they receive is more 10,000 to 15,000 Rs from GTU and proudly say that we have cheated GTU but is this worthy? you draw 40,000 Rs as salary and still want to earn this kind of money? how reach will you become with this type of wealth? some masters argues that GTU pays our exam bills and other bill very late so this is the way of revenge with them. but if you are doing the same thing whatever they are doing then what is the difference between you and them?

The biggest problem of us is that we always think that only we are the genius and all other people are fools. because whatever wrong we are doing they don’t know but that’s not true. everybody knows everything but they can’t able to express you at that time. I wants to change this master mentality and trying my level best to make understand people not by giving lectures but by giving real-time examples of myself. I hope some day some one will get inspired by me, as I got inspired by Sanghani sir from GEC, Bhavnagar (who came for oral examination at our college last year in train and take TA of train fare, though no one going to refuse him for car fare if he wants), same way some one else starting walk on our way and step by step all master community is going change its mentality and then we will get a very good citizens of this country and we became one the developed country in this world.

Jay Bharat.


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