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Ahmedabad records alarming 30% jump in suicides in 2012


Must read for all Narendra Modi’s Die Hard Fans……
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Ahmedabad records alarming 30% jump in suicides in 2012

State Sees 11.4% Rise In Suicides

Parth Shastri | TNN 

Ahmedabad:The city is on the edge,its people getting more desperate.Accident Deaths and Suicides in India -2012 ,a report of the National Crime Records Bureau released recently,Ahmedabad has recorded an alarming 30% jump in the number of people committing suicide.As many as 614 people killed themselves in 2012,compared to 470 in 2011.And many of them were youngsters.
As a whole,Gujarat recorded a 11.4% jump in suicides with 7,110 people ending their lives in 2012.Rajkot emerged as the suicide hot spot recording the third highest suicide rate of 30.5% in India.
Surprisingly,maximum Gujaratis who abruptly ended their journey of life were young 40% were between 15 and 29.Ahmedabad nosed ahead here too with 44%.The statistic reflects in the shocking death of post graduate medical student Dr Shail Buch,24,who told his father he was coming home…

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