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Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn – The Social Networks That Will Last


Nice comparison of major social networking sites!!!

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As most of you probably know by now, your data on the internet is not safe from prying eyes. There are far too many government agencies all over the world, with extensively sophisticated technology, that can obtain access to our data, with or without the knowledge of the people/sites hosting the data. This might be news to a lot of people, but as anyone who has ever read the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy pages will understand, your data was always susceptible to the whims of the hosts. And in case you took the time to read Dan Brown’s Deception Point (fictional, but extremely intriguing), you would hardly be shocked to find that there is the distinct possibility that all your conversations might be monitored.


While I appreciate people learning to be more sensitive about their data on the internet, it still remains fairly clear that…

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