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Xitij-2013 (GTU Youth Festival)


After a long time i am writing something of my own. Finally i found something to write on.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of Xitij-2013 (3rd GTU Youth Festival)’s Inter-zonal Competitions Organized by C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology (My College ;)). there are a lot of superb performances I witnessed. though I am not much interested in Cultural events, I really want appreciate all the participants who has literally fight to be honored. Everyone has wish them a lot and they get something out of their hard work but I want to talk about the student coordinators and volunteers who had worked day and night to make this event a grand success. I will not discourage them by saying harsh words like what you get and all like other faculties. not because I have a soft corner for them but because i know how you feel as a student coordinator or volunteer. I want to tell all the student coordinators and volunteers that you don’t think that you have gain nothing from all this because from this type of events you gets the experience of a life time which will definitely be helpful to you in future. so never discourage with anyone’s any negative comments. Always try to be a part of any organizing committee because these are the thing you need to do in life after your academic periods but it doesn’t mean you put your study a side. try to maintain balance between both.

A speech from Dr. Akshay Agrawal, VC, GTU was awesome. I like the way he asked for 5 students to come and provide feed back to GTU for good working and try to solve queries of all of them with presence of mind. hats off to you sir. i can’t even imagine that our college management ever ask any of the teaching staff member to provide a fair feedback because they don’t have time to meet the lower level people!!!!

few things i don’t like about this Youth Festival is like they are compulsory taking 300 Rs from all the staff members as a registration fees which has mentioned no where by GTU. okay let us accept that our management might need support to provide food to faculties that’s why they have collected such amount from the faculties. but they have collected 150 Rs. from students too, now this is limit. volunteer need to provide 150 Rs. to work in the event it is something like paying for providing a service (simply ridiculous). students who are working day and might for the pride and honor of the institute which takes money from them to provide them food, now what can we say about this?

At each and every moment our management shows that we are very poor people and we need to work in our limits. but when it comes to their facilities no limits are there!!!!! some of the example of our poorness are like, if we ask for extra chairs, ask for new files for judges, ask for good I-Cards, etc…. we get one and only one answer and that is, we don’t have that much budget kindly try to adjust. what the f**k!!!!

Overall it was a superb experience. i am very happy with most of the student coordinators because some of them haven’t work well and with some of the faculty members because most of them haven’t work at all.

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  1. Agree and experienced….

    Most institutes works to make money…some by saving and some by investing…..


  2. Ankit permalink

    honest assessment…but it may not appreciate by management as they are not much comfortable with honest persons…


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