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FDP @ IIT Gandhinagar


I had attended 5 day Faculty Development Program organized by IEEE and IIT Gn for 13-17 November, 2013. It was a great experience of being a part of such a nice program. There is Pedagogy session in which we are learning various teaching methods and technical sessions in which we learn basic subjects of electrical and electronics from our selected tracks; there are four tracks like, Introduction to Electronics, Electronic Devices, Circuit Analysis and Designing, and Digital Systems from which we need to select one track and i had selected Digital System, as it is the most related subject to my branch Computer Engineering.

The program was started in GTU seminar hall with the speeches from various personalities like Dr. Akshai Agrawal (Vice Chancellor, GTU), Dr. Jayanti Ravi (Commissioner of Education in Gujarat), Dr. Murthy, and Prof. Michael Lightener.  Akshai Agrawal sir has given awesome speech as usual inspired lot of people by saying many things about the requirement of engineering faculties who has good and updated knowledge of their respective field. he said that you have to read any good journal or research article at least for two hours to get updated knowledge of your field. He has said so many things about IEEE which most of us never know before. Ravi Mam has also given to the point speech of requirements of engineering faculties in various engineering colleges and future plans of training the faculties well to get quality product (students). they are planning various activities like TEQIP and so on to improve knowledge and skill level of Engineering Faculties which is very much required. then we move forward to the campus of IIT Gn (VGEC, Gandhinagar) where we have all our other sessions.

Prof. Lightener was simply superb in all his sessions of Pedagogy. I enjoyed them a lot, specially his humorous nature and timing punctuality. I learn a lot of things from this FDP. I know it is very difficult and some them are almost impossible to carry out in our institutes but it might possible that in near future i get chance to make it all real. Prof. Joyce was also teaching us very well with showing various methods which she used to teach IIT Gn students. She was also very interactive and informative. Practical sessions were also very good though I was not able to complete most of the assignment as my less knowledge of basic electronics but I enjoyed it too.

Food and all other facilities provided by IIT Gn was awesome. Even i feel lucky to attend this FDP because it is the first of its kind in India organized by IEEE and now from this experience IEEE is planning to arrange it in various parts of India.

Now let’s have a vote of thanks…..!!!!!!!

First, I would like to thank my teachers Prof. Lightener and Prof. Joyce for giving me such a knowledge and teaching me various things which i have never heard before.

I would also like to thank Dr. Ved Vyas Dwivedi (Pro Vice Chancellor, C. U. Shah University) for providing me Duty Leave (which usually not given for attending FDPs in Institute) for attending this FDP though I was ready to attend it on Leave Without Pay or Half Pay Leave.

I would also like to thank Dr. Kalpesh H. Wandra (Principal, C. U. Shah College of Engineering and Technology) for always providing me inspiration and support to attend these type of events.

Last but not least, i would also like to thank Dr. Megha from IEEE who was there to help us in any problems we have during this program.


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  1. Hope your learning will be helpful for all the students and your followers. Keep learning.


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