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Is plastic bag ban for environment or new way of earning for mega stores?


I always come across this question when I buy something from mega store (malls)  and many of you might have. As there is no mega stores in my city I used to make shopping from mega stores in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, etc therefore, it is not possible for me to carry my own carry bag. in all these stores now a days trend of charging 3 to 10 Rs for various size of plastic bags which are same they provide to their customers (us) for free in the past. so I think this becoming the new way of earning for mega stores.

so now question arise is,

  • why they are charging for the same bag to save environment?
  • how by charging this small amount they save the environment?
  • do they really think that the person who shops for thousands rupees is really care of spending 3 or 10 rupees?

These are some of the questions I have with this initiative. I worked out answers too. If they really want to save environment they should use good quality paper bags ranging from 50-500 Rupees so plastic bag use can be stopped and even many people carry their own bags to save such a significant amount and if they want to pay that amount then also our problem has solved. Isn’t it?

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