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Do not eat too much fast food… Look who is advising this?! and to whom?!!


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Do not eat too much fast food. Fast foods are high in calories, fat, sugar and salt and may put people at risk for becoming overweight.

I’m sure, you will be thinking that what’s new in this? we all know this! New is, this is what recently McDonalds, the most leading fast food chain in the world today, has advised to his staff!! Indirectly company says make other people eat our fast food and do business for us but you stay away eating it.

One of my friend, working in Subway (Canada), has told me that she would not eat subway because even though company claims that they are baking their own bread, floor which they use is a frozen one!

There are many such hidden facts about food chains. If you are intelligent enough then this should renew your thinking about having fast food, frequently. I do not want to spoil your eating out saying you should…

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