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Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet


TED talk video on: Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet.

Must watch for those who are really interested in privacy over internet.

Click on the link to get redirected to TED talks website.

  1. This is a highly amusing idea, getting advice from a notorious privacy violator about how to preserve your privacy. It’s like having a bank robber give you investment tips, or getting information about birth control from a man with twelve children.


    • i don’t agree with your given examples because if it is like what you said then why people hires hackers as their network security experts?


      • Hackers are usually kids. They approach code breaking as a game, and most have not committed felonies. That’s waaay different from Snowden, who violated the trust of his employers because he thought he wasn’t being paid enough, endangered the lives of undercover operatives, then ran off to trade secrets with the enemies of his home country.


        • sorry but i don’t agree to that.
          he thought about privacy of people of society above his employer policies!!!
          I found nothing wrong in it.


  2. He did it for money, and for revenge. Just a disgruntled employee. Nothing wrong with hating your boss I suppose, but nothing exactly noble about it either. He was upset they passed him over for an IT staff job. They were paying him much less as a short-term subcontractor, approximately 1/4 of what he had gotten the previous year, and they weren’t going to hire him back. If you are a vindictive person, that’s incentive toward bad behavior.

    So he steals a bunch of data, flees the country, and tries to make up a narrative to resurrect his (now destroyed) professional reputation. Now he’s looking at a lifetime in hiding as a thief. Either that or prison. If he did nothing wrong, where are all the job offers? Why can he only get asylum by continuing to trade stolen info for his own safety? Nobody wants to touch the guy. He can’t be trusted.


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