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Congress replying on the issue of economical slow down and no progress (Must read for all fenku bhaktas)


Dear Friend.
For the past few days, our opponents have been trying to misguide you by saying that the economy is in shambles. Their argument is that India was shining under the NDA and growth has come to a halt under the UPA.
Here’s the truth.
These statistics have been taken from, which keeps a close watch on economies across the world.
When the NDA came to power in 1998,  India’s GDP stood at USD 423 Billion. When they were voted out in  2004, the GDP had grown to USD 617 Billion. Under the NDA, India’s GDP had grown by USD 194 Billion, which is an annual growth of about USD 32 Billion.
Today, India’s GDP is USD 1,841 Billion, an increase of USD 1,224 Billion. This means that under the UPA, India’s GDP has grown at USD 122 Billion every year.
The BSE Index of the Mumbai Stock Exchange is seen as an indicator of the country’s economic health. When the Congress-led UPA took over the government in 2004, the Sensex was at 5123.23 points. Today it is at 22551.49 points.
These aren’t mere figures, this is our report card. The economy has tripled in the past 10 years and the BSE Sensex has increased by around 4 times. Yet, our opponents never tire from saying that there has been no development.
We acknowledge that in the last two years, the pace of economic growth has slowed down a bit. But then who is responsible for it? Those who spared no opportunity to disrupt our Parliament, shouldn’t they be held responsible? We believe that debate must take place in Parliament, yet all they do is indulge in rhetoric in TV studios.
First, they slow the economy down and then they try to misguide the people by making it an election issue. Mere speeches and rhetoric cannot ensure the progress of a nation. For that, we need the right policies.
Before casting your vote, ask yourself one question. Has family moved forward in the past ten years?
You have moved forward, the country has moved forward. But the only policy of our opponents is to criticise us.
Jai Hind
Indian National Congress

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