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Please Vote


Hello Friends,

It is my humble request to you that please cast your vote because voting is very important in republic system. We all know that in our country there are the lot of problems and no one is doing betterment they (politicians) come to us only when elections are there and that’s why many of us has already lost our faith from the electoral system but by ignorance of your voting right is not the solution. this time we have given the option of “None Of The Above (NOTA)“. this is very good initiative by election commission. we know that we haven’t given right to reject and NOTA will not affect any of these dirty politicians but at least they should come to know that there are some responsible citizens who don’t like them and waiting for the chance to replace them.

One more thing i found specially in this terms election is that people are asking for vote on their star campaigner. for eg, BJP asking for vote on the name of Narendra Modi. as they have declared Narendra Modi as their PM candidate which is unconstitutional. In India, we have electoral system in which we elect our Member of Parliament (MPs) and then after those MPs decides who will become Prime Minister(PM). So I request you to cast your vote for your candidate only because ultimately he is the one who will represent you in parliament not Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejariwal. Now just imagine that you are a die-hard fan of Narendra Modi and wants him to be next PM (which every advertisements and media saying) that’s why you have cast your vote for some one who don’t deserve your vote. than after election you found that the candidate whom you have voted for modi has changed his party and your vote gets wasted!!!! so please think about it.

Elect your local candidate with very good care because he is the only one who can do anything for your area. therefore, if you find that none of the candidate from your area is worthy of your vote, go to polling booth and use NOTA button. from the NOTA analysis election commission might take some action in future but for that we have to wake up now only.

Wake up and Please vote

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  1. GOOD 🙂


  2. Ruturaj Purohit permalink

    Good Think,
    but i think.bjp is best


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