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Understanding XAML-Layouts


Milin Joshi

In the continution of previous article of Understanding XAML-Intro, this post describes how to order controls with the help of XAML elements for getting required layout. XAML elements are similar to HTML Elements. We can define atributes for the XAML Elements that define the style and position of the element, just like HTML & CSS except the attributes should be defined “inline” only. The two mainly used attributes used are “Height” and “Width” . They define the dimensions for the element.Take following example for considerationFor Layout, Windows has provided two main elements for positioning an element.1)Grid


Grid Control acts as “Grid” to put the elements into it. We can divide the display screen into number of grids as required. Grid has two SubElements for definfnig number of rows and columns that the screen is divided into.

Above code has following output
As shown above that the screen…

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