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Understanding XAML-Styles


Milin Joshi

Styling an App is essential for making it User Interactive. If the users like what they see, they appreciate it. Therefore styles applied to an App should be considered seriously. Styling in XAML is done with attributes, the same way it is done in HTML, except in XAML it is always done following Inline, Internal Style method. Styles can be applied to a control using a number of attributes for Foreground Color, BackGround Color, color gradient, etc. XAML provides a way to desgin app by reusing the written code. In this way the efficiency of the App is also improved. Applying resuable code to tools for its styles reduces the load for the XAML Parser to interpret and display the XAMLPage correctly. XAML uses resources for applying style to an tool in its attribute value.XAML Resources mainly uses. Resources are defined within

tags. There are two main tools for…

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