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Understanding XAML-Localization


Milin Joshi

Understanding XAML-Localizing an App

Globalized Support is a very important and necessary feature required by an app while making it available to the international market. For this the app must include respective language support. Making an app Local Language supportive provides an easier access for Local people, proving itself beneficial for Customers as well as clients. Localizing an app requires data to be bound to respective region’s services; therefore the app can automatically relate and transform the words into the respective language. You may notice while making an app in Microsoft Visual Studio that it contains LocalizedStrings.cs file that needs to be accessed for converting an app’s content into Local Language. If we take a look at Projectfile->Properties->Application-> Supported Cultures, we can see a list of different languages supported by Microsoft Visual Studio. Selecting the necessary language from that list and binding the data to respective language results…

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