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The Conversnitch


Brian Hochman

Wiredpublished an article yesterday about Kyle McDonald and Brian House, two artists who recently constructed an eavesdropping device built to resemble a household light bulb. When plugged into a lamp or light fixture, the aptly named “Conversnitch” has the ability to listen in on a nearby conversation and then post its contents to a live Twitter feed.

According to the artists involved in the project, the basic idea is to raise awareness about contemporary threats to privacy. “You can’t make this stuff up anymore,” McDonald explains, taking care to note the beginning of the project coincided with Edward Snowden’s NSA document leak. “Here were Brian and I trying to make something kind of scary, something that makes you wonder if someone’s watching you all the time. And then Snowden says, ‘They are.’” Follow @conversnitch and you’ll see that the project does a pretty good job of what it sets…

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