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why celebrities are uploading selfies?!


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Recently you must have seen loads of selfie uploaded by celebrities. As such this has become a trend leaving common person thinking that why celebrities are into this?

Most of celebrities are self-centered and obsessed with their looks. Those, who don’t know them personally, admire them hugely. However, those who know them closely, have no admiration or deep bond with them because of their self-centeredness and narcissistic attitude. As a result, most of them are lonely and fragile within. They constantly need attention and approval, which comes in abundance from their fans, never from their close ones. Knowing the fact, they would never miss the chance to seek an attention and for that they will like to remain in news-media. Uploading selfie is one of the surest ways to seek an attention and approval by their looks.

મુંબઈવાળાઓએ મતદાન જોઈએ એવું ના કર્યું પણ સેલીબ્રીટીઓએ તેમના ‘સેલ્ફી’ દે ઠોકમ-ઠોક અપલોડ…

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