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INSIDE MODI’S BRAIN – My inputs in today’s Ahmedabad Mirror…


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My inputs in today’s Ahmedabad Mirror…
May 17 2014 : Mirror (Ahmedabad)
Tanushree Bhatia

Is Narendra Modi a logical thinker or a dreamer. Mirror deconstructs the incumbent PM’s skill set

Credited with a landslide victory that notched several firsts in Indian politics, AM peeks into the psyche of the 63-year-old `chaiwallah’ fromVadnagar,NarendraModi.A close look at his administrative decisions suggests Modi is a left-brain person with a good set of analytical skills and an eye for detail. The core suggests he is a right-brain person who is creative, artistic; a thinker with an open mind.

But what is this right-brain and leftbrain? The brain is divided into two hemispheres -the left is the verbal brain while right is the visual brain, each with specific characteristics. Those with left-brain thinking are logical and analyt ical, gifted with a sense of detail and planning. The right-brained ones are those with…

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