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No More Lies, No More Masquerades


be yourself


It’s a strange world we live in. A world where people feel it’s their religion to deceive and hurt others. A world where some people have the wrong idea that they can deceive anyone. Little do those weirdos know that lyingisn’t about imposing a false truth on someone they think is naïve. It’s about deceiving your own god damn self.

It hurts initially when people close to you indulge in acts that are deprave. That is the first stage of lying. I call it -’There’s Still Hope’. The stage where it getshurtful to the core but you still have hope that things will become better. You wait because you’re hopeful of change. Then there comes the phase of providing second chances to them , hoping that they will learn from mistakes they did and will uplift themselves. I’ll name this one the , ‘ Everybody Deserves a Second Chance’ stage.I…

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