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Salman khan is back with his stereotype recipe. Mindless actions mixed with stunts and fights, add some dialogues laden with attitude, pour funky dancing songs and finally icing with being human theme- Sallu delight is ready… Salman fans will relish as usual and rest will also be entertained. One more entertainer from box-office king.

Salman is typical in his witty mannerism and dialogue deliveries. Nawazuddin and his asthmatic laughter are superb. Randeep Hooda has made his presence felt. Jacqueline has done well, looks good and her dance moves (her legs too!!) will catch your attention. Nargis’s item number is useless. All other supportive characters have done their part well.

Barring some slow and lengthy scenes, storyline is interesting. Music, particularly piano notes makes an impression with beautiful cinematography.

Sidhi baat, no bakvaas:

Paisa vasool, thoko taali – maro citi entertainer. If your expectation from movie is having fun and…

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