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CCET Memories


I got chance to work in a college where i studied and I think that was one of the best experience I earn. This time situation was little different. I was on the other side of the bench. After this experience, I realized that seating on the benches is better than standing in front of them. I always believe in learning. whatever you do, wherever you are, you always need to keep learning different things; it may be bad or good. I learn a lot of things when I was a student at CCET and same way I learned a lot as a faculty too. therefore, I am thankful to all those people who taught me many lessons of life.

Every person has two faces: Good and Bad. These faces are discovered by situation and behavior of the person and may vary from person to person. I don’t want to discuss anything negative about any person. Therefore, lets start with the lessons I learned from various people one by one.

First of all, I will tell you something about the person whose name is so popular that people used to recognize CCET (C. U. Shah) as his college, Dr. Kalpesh H. Wandra. I learned a lot from him but one very useful lesson I learned from him is to travel a lot, meet new people, and grow your network as much as possible. he always support people (at least me) for attending various STTPs and Workshops. he always give permission to attend as much of this program as I want, the only problem was of leave. In our institute getting duty leave was one of the toughest job and even KHW can’t help in this matter. I never care about leaves because that is the other lesson I learned from next person named Mr. Dhaval M. Nimavat.

Mr. Dhaval M. Nimavat was one of my good friend. he was the joint CC (Class Counselor) with me when i joined CCET and CC job is one of the most difficult job you can find in CCET. people used to say that he is very irregular and will not support you as CC but i found him very helpful my be i am lucky or other people have myth about him. He taught me to enjoy life at fullest, never care about leaves, do your job very well and apply for LWP (Leave Without Pay) when you can’t get CL (Casual Leave) because no one is going to give you as much happiness as your family. he always stay cool whatever the situation is. he left college after year and a half of my joining but then i found one person with similar characteristic named Mr. Pratik P. Solanki.

One more person who helped me a lot though he was too much disgraced by almost all staff members of the department, Mr. Sohil A. Gadhiya. We both are searching for new place of seating and find the same cabin for it. many people tell me that I can’t adjust with him but i found him very cooperative. he is very dedicated person to his work but the problem is, he needs to realize that this is his work!!!!! I learned to be dedicated from him.

Mr. Shaktisinh S. Parmar and Mr. Nilesh L. Jadav are the persons i admire the most in CCET. they are very dedicated people. they do their duty very well and complete any task you provide to them within the time limit. they do their work at college as well as at home. for SSP, I must say that after doing many administrative work his quality in teaching remains intact. he is one of my best friend. I must say that he is one of a kind from thousands of people.

Many other people who helped me directly or indirectly are Mr. Dhaval K. Limbani (Hard Worker), Mr. Jay M. Patel (Best Document Maker – MS Office only 😉 ), Mr. Vivek C. Joshi (Philosopher), Mr. Ashish V. Nimavat (Smart Worker), Mr. Kirit R. Rathod & Mr. Avalik K. Ranpura (Excel / Spread Sheet Expert) and many others…..

last but not the least all my favorite students who taught me many lessons directly or indirectly.

thank you very much all and i assure you that, i always keep learning.

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