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How To Meditate Mindfulness to Mysticism


Be Introvert


It is very easy to start a daily meditation practice at home. Follow the simple instructions below on how to calmly abide on your breath and meditation will become effortless and natural. The best place to start meditation is out of kindness for ourselves and kindness for others. This comes from understanding the enormous health benefits from daily meditation practice. 

I recommend a 20 minute daily sitting meditation and also to infuse a non-judgmental mindfulness into your daily life. Set a regular time to meditate every day. The art of meditation is to centre yourself  into naturally abiding open awareness. 


1) Mindfulness Training     
2) Recognising & Resting within Natural Awareness  
3) Inquiry into the Essence of Awareness
4) Resting Within Effortless Presence 
5) The Mystic View of Meditation


The essential twofold understanding in The Way of Meditation is: “Be Calm and Know Thyself.” 

Meditation is both spiritual and practical, it utilizes the skills and intelligence of mindfulness and…

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