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Five useful free i-phone apps for you


this may be useful to i-phone users!!! 🙂

Digital Dimensions

Whenever I use any new i-phone app, I would like to share the same with others. Even if there are millions of apps out there on the internet, you may miss some useful ones just because you might not have ever searched for it or no one might have told you about one such app. So here is a list of five useful i-phone apps that you might not have used.

1.Do not forget your pills.

photo (2)
If you are taking any medication, this app will give you a notification and sound alert at the specific times when you are supposed to take medication. You can set up reminders at hourly, daily or weekly intervals. You need to tap done to indicate that you have taken the medication for clearing the reminder. Here you have the option to postpone it by half an hour by choosing the option ‘Later.’ If you…

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  1. It’s same as Remainder in iphone.. what’s new in it.. Remainder also works in the same way.. they just made the duplicate of it…


  2. They make it simple and user friendly!!!!


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