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Want even more mind-blowing TED Talks? Let’s get more STEM teachers in the classroom. Starting with … you!


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Teachers blow minds. Illustration by Cultivated Wit. Do you work in the sciences, technology or engineering? Ever thought about becoming a STEM teacher? Below, proof that teachers blow minds. Illustration: Cultivated Wit

By Baratunde Thurston

So, you might know me. I ran the digital side of The Onion for a long time; I’m the author of How To Be Black. People call me to do things like host White House events on innovation, do the wrap-up at TED salons, join semi-secret cabals at MIT, and comment on the teevee. The underlying constant in my multi-hyphenate life is running my creative company, Cultivated Wit. I’m proud of what we do, but part of the deal with an agency-client relationship is: you keep it quiet.

But I’m working on a campaign right now that I’m so proud of, we’re speaking up loudly. Because this topic hits close to home.

Today, Cultivated Wit launches a co-funded digital campaign to…

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