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Movie Review – Bey Yaar


This really is a great movie. worth to watch for all Gujarati People. It touches the life of Gujarati people.

Bey Yaar Poster

Bey Yaar Poster (Image Source:

It shows the color of friendship, love of a father, love of a son, and so on. so much of humor. It’s completely different from typical Gujarati movies. this movie has change the era of Gujarati movies.

All the team of the movie has done a great job. Abhishek Jain as a director done a really hard work after the success of his earlier Gujarati Movie “Kevi Rite Jais” which was based on people in who Gujarat who keen to go to USA and do anything for it but this time story is little different. It is based on greediness of the people and how people suffers due to it.

Awesome movie.

Go, watch is and then comment here to know me that whether you liked it or not!!!

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  1. Like to see your review of Haider!

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