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Zing it with a Smiley .. :D




Consider this –

Boy – ” Hey gal, you wanna hang out tonight ? ”

Girl- ” No way !! ”

Now consider this –

Boy – “Hey gal, you wanna hang out tonight ? 😀 ”

Girl – “No way 😉 ”

Notice what’s different in the above two conversations ? In the former, the whole connotation of the tone is blatantly rude, while in the latter, there is a subtle flirtatious undertone. All that made a difference above was the insertion of one small emoticon at the end of the sentence.

Emoticons or Smileys as they’re popularly known are the new ‘lingo’ of our generation. They actually make up for extremely riveting conversations online . They facilitate to play up the nuances and therefore you can interpret whatever you feel like as per your convenience , without it getting offensive. You can actually spare yourself a lot of…

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