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Why traffic is one of the biggest issue in India?


Recently, I found huge traffic issues that’s why I inspired to write on this issue. I am a frequent traveller, mostly by car. so it might possible that my views little biased towards car drivers but you may make comment if you disagree with any of my view-point.

I found the big issue with Indian driver is that, they think that they have the fastest vehicle in the world


or they are the fastest driver in the world. but both are just myths!!!!

One more problem is that we always think that, I am the only person in this world whose time is more important so I need to be given priority in all the trafficking situation otherwise I will not allow anyone to pass on too. sometimes you found that there is a 10 to 15 kilometres of traffic only because there is a road repairing work is going on and only one lane is allowed to go but people from all the lanes try to push their vehicle and block the other lane vehicle. can’t we merge in a way of one from each lane. but instead we try to block other and then accident takes place and we face a very long traffic jam just because of silly mistake.

In six lane roads it is clearly mention that bus and trucks are not allowed in the fast lane which is on the extreme right side of the road but still bus and truck people are using this lane more often than the driving lane. in India we used make adjustment so let us adjust with bus truck driver to drive in the fast lane but at least they have to give priority to the small vehicles who has right on fast lane!!! now bus truck people will defend themselves by saying that we are getting blocked by two and three wheelers and that is true but what about the second lane? you have all the place in the world in second lane and you may overtake when there is no vehicle in fast lane. the problem with truck driver is they fill that they are the faster than the truck just before them so they try to overtake it but they don’t understand that their speed difference is of 10 or 15 kmph where for car driver it might be of double or more than double. my opinion about truck driver is good. they have more traffic sense then any of the other drivers in India.

now let us discuss something about two wheelers, after the advertisement of pulsar the fastest Indian on road, they feel that they are the fastest people. in city its fine to be the fastest in narrower streets and heavy traffic but when you are on a highway you need to accept the fact that most of the vehicle around you have almost 10 times more powerful engine than yours!!!! therefore, please allow other people to go by driving on extreme left of the road.

why do we leave car drivers? they are also not innocent. they are also as guilty as any of the others. car drivers have to keep patients and try to follow the traffic rules by asking for side. though they have the most fastest vehicles they should not overtake from wrong side because that creates bad impression on other driver and he will not give side in future to someone else and then this cycle goes on and we have to drive like a snake on the road. please drive safe and remember that there are many other lives dependant on your driving other than yours.

Here are The Road Regulations Rules 1989s (source:


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