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Return gift to the humanity…. (Importance of Giving)


Today was my birthday but I received a great gift from god few days in advanced. I am really very grateful about it.

I inspired to write about the importance of giving from one my friend and mentor Mr. Nishant Doshi. He always make some donation and provide some voluntary contribution to the local social welfare organizations. he told me that he gets a great pleasure by doing these things. but the problem with him is he spends the money of birthday celebration party on this activities so his friends never get any party from him. therefore, they get little angry on him( 😉 ). But I feel it’s about anyone’s personal choice. I too get inspired from it, though I makes donation two or three times a year and believes in the philosophy of making 1% donation of yearly earning but due to many circumstances always falls short of it but still I am happy that I am giving something back to the society.

Now I have decided that I will also contribute to the society on all my special days either with making donation or performing some community service. Don’t worry my friends I will not cut your share of party but I request all of you that if you really want to gift me something, please make a donation of the same amount I will definitely get what I want from it.

Hope you understand my point. I found Vivekananda Kendra as very good Social Work Community and we can easily make online contribution on their website “” you will also get tax benefit under section 80G. this is just one example you may suggest others in the comments so that other people also comes to know about it. but please beware of fraud NGOs.

So, give return gift to the humanity by making contribution to the society which provide us lot of things and make us what we are today.

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  1. Anit Vantiya permalink

    Really very nice thought and good work…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks sirji 🙂


  2. shailesh permalink

    Nice thaught hu pan ajj varso thi karu chu pan e donation alag rup ma hoy che gentleman. Every day ek saru kam karava nu j .

    Liked by 1 person

    • nice 🙂


  3. nikunj patel permalink

    being human…

    Liked by 1 person

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