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What is the difference between Security and Privacy?


I found one very good line for the difference between security and privacy from one the report I studied, which had been prepared by President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, USA. The statement is, “Security deals with tomorrow’s threats against today’s platforms. That is hard enough. But privacy deals with tomorrow’s threats against tomorrow’s platforms, since those “platforms” comprise not just hardware and software, but also new kinds of data and new algorithms”

so we can say that security is some absolute term. suppose we have a lock and have few keys, we have some important data and we lock it with that key. so whoever is having the key may get access to that data and no one else can get access to it. It means either you have an access to whole data or to none. but in case of privacy we need to have stages of locks and more no of keys because we need to share some data to someone and some other data to someone else. so we want to share data selectively which is difficult issue.

Many people think that privacy and security are same. some thinks that privacy is part of security. I don’t know how to relate these terms mathematically but I know that privacy issue are difficult handle than security issues.

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