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Your private browsing habits are far from being as private as you might think



Most modern browsers come with special private modes meant to help users hide their surfing habits from coworkers or family and/or try to prevent sites from tracking their online activity. That doesn’t mean spy agencies or ISPs won’t be able to see what sites users access — that’s not what private browsing does, as Eric Schmidt has recently learned — but that, in theory, users might guard their privacy to some extent. However, as Business Insider reveals, private browsing isn’t exactly as private as you thought it was.

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  1. Private browsing might not be as private as we had conceived, yet its not all that alarming, after knowing how the USA’s NSA spies against you and your nation via PRISM and how your government shies away in protesting against foreign criminal spying!!!

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  2. I agree with you and i have written some of the articles on this issues too. but Indian people doesn’t know what privacy is, specially on internet!!!
    for detail you may refer these articles:

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