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Me Vs WhatsApp


Its more than a 15 days since i have deleted my WhatsApp account and stop using it. I get response from few people which really make me wonder because they believe WhatsApp is something one can’t live without! I don’t have such feeling. I am quite happy instead. I have to admit that i really miss some of the pictures, videos, and messages, i received through it but most of the time i receive junks so it would be better to quit it.

Now the question is why i have done this? Answer is pretty simple, I am working in the area of big data privacy so i need take care of my privacy first. When i heard the news about new privacy policy of Facebook and WhatsApp to collect and merge data of both platform for better data analysis (for more details refer this post: I found it more vulnerable to privacy in using both so i need to quit anyone of them and i chose WhatsApp because there are many other messengers available in Play store.

Now some of you would argue that, why only WhatsApp? I should remove all the apps from my phone because they may theft my personal data. Isn’t it? So again my answer is,  I am using or try to use only those apps whose consents (permissions for using mobile’s different services) are digestible to me. This i learn from here: I think your phone is the most private device so you need to take a very good care of it and you must know who is accessing your data and what is being accessed from your phone.

Please be aware of the power of Internet or beware of it!!!!!

  1. How about whatsapp voice chatting?


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    Hey Stop WhatsApp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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