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Pakistan|The Lives of Slum Children Part II


The Human Lens

“I need to put food on the table, therefore I do not imagine the what ifs of going to a school. That’s not my future. Despite the fact I wished I could do something to change it for the better” says, thirteen year old *Yunus. 

The slum in the suburb of Islamabad presents a complete picture of the harsh plights of dislocated children living in crumbling tiny shelters made of mud with grass roofs. Approximately, some one hundred and twenty families are inhabiting this area, poorest of the poor from the  different areas of the country.

Majority people including minor children do labor work, in an average family size that is around six to seven. A close examination shows a repetition of the national scale situation in other slums of the country, most households are headed by female members or very elderly persons. Obviously, the men aren’t of much use for…

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