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Hijab Controversies| From Dubai to United Airlines Flight


The Human Lens

Applause for Khloe Kardashian's Hijabi Selfie whereas Muslim Woman Discriminated For Wearing Hijab Applause on Khloe Kardashian’s Hijabi Selfie vs. Discriminating Muslim Hijab Wearer Feminist 

The past week has seen some really bizarre events all associated with the so-called controversial Muslim piece of cloth, exactly: the Hijab.

America’s darling celebrity Khloé Kardashian enjoying a luxurious holiday in Dubai, posing and cosing with zoo animals and showing respect towards eastern culture with selfie games, one particulaR: “Habibi love.”  The 30 year old television personality known for her publicity stunts involving cultural appropriation and other selfish controversies.

On the other hand, an American Muslim woman on-board a United Airlines flight had to face in-flight discrimination and verbal abuse from fellow passengers for wearing a hijab. The woman in question, 31 year old Tahera Ahmad is a ground breaking feminist scholar and director of interfaith engagement at Northwestern University.

Now in-flight discrimination as a Muslim passenger is something very common for Muslims, in particular women hijab or non hijab wearers…

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