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WHOSE TUNE IS BBC PLAYING? The Saga of India, Terrorism and MQM


The Human Lens

South Asia is stirring for a possible show down due to BBC’s latest controversial reporting in form of a “special report” that alleges Indian funding for terrorism on Pakistani soil through the secular Pakistani political party MQM. This is not the first time the part is being linked to such activities and won’t certainly be the last.

However, a credible sourse like BBC should know better then to fuel more fire into the Pakistan-Indian conflict, let’s not forget India wants UN to take military action in Pakistan. Here’s a round up of what happened so far:


The MQM party leaders are used to this sort of allegation since long, but one wonders at the credibility of a well established source like BBC. A Pakistani twitter user raised his point well into:

bbc joke

Journalist Owen Bennett-Jones, whose story on MQM receiving funds from India has created a political in Pakistan, says…

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