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Are we living in democracy or dictatorship?


Government of Gujarat has blocked Mobile Internet as well as SMS services of state due to patidar anamat andolan! I don’t understand this approach of government. I mean few people are fighting for their rights and government make everyone suffer for that!

We all know that internet and SMS are the basic need of human being now a days. Let me give you few example to explain it,

  • You are in stock market trading business and having mobile internet for your online trading
  • You are having CCTV at your shop and monitoring it on your mobile via mobile internet
  • You want to make some online transaction (i.e. payment for your bills), waiting for OTP (LOL!!!)

This is ridiculous. I hope that people of Gujarat starts new andolan for Internet!

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  1. Well said… I faced all such problems last time govt stopped such mobile services… 😦

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  2. What should I say…this has been a very annoying experience… 😦
    -> Can’t use my credit / debit card at restaurants / petrol pumps, etc…

    Had this been a case 10 years ago, such actions wouldn’t had bothered us to this extent.

    I agree that rumors can spread quickly over the Internet, but it really isn’t fair to block the mobile-Internet altogether. And come on, who uses SMS to send photos/videos??? What’s the point in blocking SMS?

    Look at the irony, I still have all the freedom to access the Internet and post this comment! I just hope that the decision makers realize that blocking the mobile-Internet isn’t the best possible solution.

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  3. km8295 permalink

    we send “Avedan Patra” for “Inertnet Mukti Andolan”.

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