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One of the best website to find almost all colleges and universities in India


In 2003, when i finished my school, i didn’t know where to get admission and which are the best colleges for engineering. The scenario at that time was a little different as limited number of colleges are there, but today we are having so many colleges, which makes student and parents life difficult. I came across a very useful website “” for all who wants to know about various colleges and universities across India.

This website provide information about various colleges and universities as well as about various competitive exams. They are also giving ratings to these colleges and universities based on user review which might be helpful to students who want to take admission and their parents. Here is the list of top universities in India, user may also filter out these universities colleges as per his/her choice. User may also give feedback about his/her institute on this website and earn some cash back for it. I suggest everyone to visit this website at least once before taking admission in any college or university.

I also found one of the very interesting article on “facts about Indian education“. It highlights many issues with Indian education system in humorous manner.


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