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There is happiness in darkness too


Very short and simple but inspiring story

My Shadowflowers I എന്റെ നിഴല്‍പ്പൂക്കള്‍

It happened to write about this during one of my train journeys. I work in chennai and so live in chennai. And I visit my native once in 2 months if I am lucky enough to get leaves. So I usually depends on train to travel. Most probably I will be reaching central station couple of hours earlier to assure my seats in genaral compartments. Once I won the war for seat, the next question is “how to kill your time?”.

Yeh, there is almost 4 hours left for the train to start. So what I do is I take a left, then right and straight from the central station. This road leads you to MORE market. I trully don’t know why people named it MORE. May be because there you get some categorised items in any price. Mostly books, electronic equipments, old coins or other kinda instruments section..the list goes…

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