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Does cashless economy possible (feasible)?


Last week me and my friend went to one of the restaurant (sugar n’ spice) in Surat and surprise to see board of “We do not accept credit / debit cards”!

We discuss this issue with some of our friends. We got shocked after hearing that there are many such places in Surat (and may be in India as well) where merchants believe in such practices. We even ask for any other mode of payment but they said we only accept cash! Banks (may be RBI or Govt. of India) are not providing enough cash and they trying to promote cashless economy but such people are not helping due to some limitations from their side. I have also heard from some merchants that they have already applied for POS but banks are not providing it (even some of them have applied before 8th November!). I don’t understand who is responsible for all these problems of common man or law abiding citizens. I believe that this government is trying to build a house of cards in very windy atmosphere and one day it’ll fell to a ground with the trust of all the citizens of India. Let’s pray for innocent citizens who dies everyday because of our dirty politics.

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