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Saluting These Brave Acid Attack Survivors


The Human Lens

The Human Lens brings a weekend edition to blow the readers minds away. Especially as you watch this video, witness how Pakistani acid attack victim women have emerged as strong survivors and despite societal backlash come out publicly as awe aspiring change agents and role models.

Meet their guru, local entrepreneur Mussarat Misbah of Depilex Smile Again Foundation speaking candidly on the issue.

The video contains sensitive video content of  many disfigured victims that today have found their space in society as self-reliant members. These and the many more survivors of acid attacks are the true heroes of Pakistan and join me in saluting them. 

All credits to: Videographer / Director: Fayyaz Adrees, Producer: Ruchika Hurria / Neha Routela / Aamir Bashir  and Editor: Sonia Estal

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  1. A writer from the East permalink, thank you very much for reblogging.


  2. brave & Super strong👑


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