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Should there be any restriction on length of advertisement on TV, radio, and Cinemas?


While watching our favorite show on TV or listening to our favorite program on radio, we find annoying and lengthy advertisements. The more popular a show becomes, the more advertisements it fetches. I agree that the producer needs to earn lot of money through advertisements only but still, there should be some restriction on the length of advertisements. Isn’t it?

Advertisements are the largest source of income for TV and radio and they can show it in between the show but what about cinemas? Why are they showing approximately 30 minutes of advertisement during the interval? I mean we are paying to cinemas in terms of movie tickets then why they need to show these many advertisements? Initially, they were showing advertisements before starting the movie so people like me use to go late to cinemas but now they are showing it at the time of interval. So we have no way out!

I personally believe that there should be some restriction on the total length of advertisements and hope my message reaches to concern authority.

P.S. I have few friends who by mistake become an engineer instead of a lawyer. So I request them to not advise on this issue. Thanks

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