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I started my journey as a blogger eight years back in 2009. My first blog address was with “blogger (”, a blog service from Google where I posted 11 articles. After few years precisely in 2012, I came across another blog service provider “WordPress “. I found WordPress more user-friendly than blogger and posted 536 articles including reblogged in five years! Every time I check the stats of my blog, I feel good with the progress I made in these years, in terms of page view and followers; all thanks to “”. It is very easy to automatically share your article on WordPress to many social media platforms. I am very much thankful to all my readers who continuously supported me. Recently, I had a discussion on revenue generation from blog with my multi-talented brother and one of my friend who is working on digital marketing. They advise me to buy a personal domain so that I can register my website on Google AdSense and generate some revenue out of it. But I argue that I can not be consistent enough to generate sufficient traffic for my website and may end up paying domain charges without generating any revenue. So I decided to return to “blogspot” because it provides me to link my AdSense account even without custom domain. However, I don’t want to leave my WordPress readers as well. Finally I came up with an idea of posting same article on both blog sites and analyse traffic  for the same which will help me to take decision in long run.

I really need advise from senior bloggers. So I request you to provide your valuable suggestions in comments or mail me at

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