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All Men Are Rapists – #JusticeForZainab


The Human Lens

The recent shocking event where seven-year old girl Zainub Ansari was brutally raped, murdered and dumped in a trash can is not an a one-off incident in Pakistan a country well-known for its gross women rights abuses.

Days passed; local protesters in little Zainub’s home town Kasur and across the country are demanding justice from the State. Sadly, after her abduction, her family filed the report but the police could not recover her and in failing to do so, her little self was spared the horrific rape and strangulation to death.

A patriarchal nation of women haters what else can happen here. Events like these are a reminder on regular basis about our societal war against girl-child in Pakistan.  In the so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the heinous crime of rape and particularly child rape is a power game. It is dealt by both State and societal level in…

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