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#BridalUniform – End Child Marriage in Pakistan


The Human Lens


Child marriage is an archaic phenomenon existing across the world with Pakistan being no stranger to the concept of forced, early and child marriages – a socially acceptable norm.

Unfortunately, wide-spread illiteracy and poverty plays a central role in causing and perpetuating early marriage and marrying off girl children is considered a way to provide for a daughter’s future.

According to the global partnership Girls Not Brides, 21% of girls in Pakistan are married before the age of 18. And child marriage in Pakistan is connected with tradition, culture, and customary practices. Additionally, some feudal customs and traditions exist such as the transfer of money, settlement of debts or exchange of daughters sanctioned by Jirga (council of elders mostly male from the feudal communities).

Recently, UN Women Pakistan and fashion industry powerhouse Ali Xeeshan collaborated to produce the bold campaign, the #BridalUniform. During the recent wedding season, the local fashion industry held the

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  1. A writer from the East permalink you, really needed initiative in our region to stamp out these life long damaging marriages


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