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IPL 2018: 11th edition of cricket festival in India


Today, on April 7, 2018, The cricket festival in India is going to start. We will witness some extraordinary cricket action for 51 days with 60 matches to be played between 8 teams. IPL is one of the most successful cricket league in the world. Isn’t it? Many fans like me are waiting for this season as we are going to see two champions team be played again after two years. IPL auctions were also very interesting this year as many teams have left their superstars and other teams tried hard to get those stars and that’s the charm of IPL. It provides a huge platform for young Indian cricketers to show their talent. It also helped some veterans to get a place in their respective country team. It also provides bread and butter to many supporting staffs. Therefore, I believe it is worthy to watch and enjoy even if all the matches are fixed! Consider it as an entertainment rather than sports (just like WWE). I found some discussion related to which team is weak and which team is strong on platforms like Quora. I am also preparing such list every year for the fantasy league and support the team which has good match winning players, however, my prediction stands true only twice in last 10 years! Here is my ranking of the team with reasons:

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