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Partition 1947 – Happy Independence Day To Pakistan & India


Happy Independence day India and Pakistan!

The Human Lens

As two South Asian nations gear up for celebrating the violent and tumultuous end to British colonial Raj, there is hype across the borders.  Yes yes, we all know that Independence Day is coming and everyone’s excited about celebrating the day with zeal and fervor.

In some hours Pakistan will turn 71 years old and just a day after India shall follow.

This year, Pakistan’s Teeli collaborated with India’s Arre for Pak-Indo Independence Day Telefilm – Matched. This heart warming short movie is part of the on going Indo-Pakistan friendship initiative and show the relationship of two people across the borders.

Catch a look at its latest teaser, which looks promising with the talk on ‘Cricket Fever’ the sports loved and craved by millions of Indians and Pakistanis alike.

The  Human Lens takes this joyous moment to wish brethren from both nations a very blessed, prosperous and happy Independence…

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