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Pak-India Crises: Exposing The Fake Reporting By Indian Side


I don’t completely agree with the arguments present here but I want my fellow citizens to hear the voice from across the border.
You may decide your own stand, I am with peace…

The Human Lens

The latest crises between India and Pakistan has seen an enormous amount of hate and war warmongering narratives especially coming from the other side that has crossed all lines of ethics and civility.  Since last week, regional viewers and readers have been bombarded with non credible and fake news for promoting the propagation of negativity and war hysteria.

We have observed strong anti Pakistani sentiment spurred by the Indian media reporting, this fact was also confirmed by the captured Indian pilot Wing Commander Abinandan that has been returned safely to his motherland, yesterday at the Wagah border. 

Before leaving for his country, the Indian pilot in his last video before release admitted that the Indian media exaggerates a lot when it comes to issues related to Pakistan. “They make a mountain out of a molehill,” he said in this new video that surfaced on social media on Friday afternoon. 


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